Queen’s Range Image and 3-D Model Database (QR3D)

This database contains a set of range images and associated 3-D models. Each of the models was created by scanning a physical object and merging and triangulating the results. The data was mostly acquired with a NextEngine scanner, and the models merged and triangulated using the NextEngine ScanStudio software. In some cases, other scanners and software were used, as indicated. All of the physical models that were used to generate the data exist within the RCVLab at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada.

The 3-D models in this database are provided in xyz point form and in VRML format. In addition to each model, there are also ten extra scans of each object that were not used to build the original model. The ten independent views are in xyz point form.

There are also additional images that contain scenes of multiple objects in cluttered and partially occluded arrangements.

Terms of use

This data is being made freely available to advance research in object recognition, model tracking, and other research applications. Use of this data for purposes other than research is prohibited. Third party distribution of this data is prohibited.


If you use this data to advance your work, then please add the following reference to your resulting publication:
[1], “Queen’s Range Image and 3-D Model Database”, 2009.

Please use this link to get the database